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At A-D Engineering, we take pride in not only the projects we complete, but first and foremost our clients satisfaction. We strive to create and always maintain long-term relations with all of our clients and partners.

We will always commit to providing service that create value, and ensure that our services are of the highest quality. We offer to our clients a wealth of technical expertise and experience to find new methods to develop cost-effective and innovative solutions to any challenge. We will always put our best towards meeting the needs of our clients.

By working together, we can establish common values in achieving the objective of completing a successful project for all stakeholders. These common values make up the back-bone of our operations:

  • Commitment - Deliver what we promise
  • Honesty/Trust - Believe and embrace the values of the firm
  • Ownership - Take pride in what we do
  • Mutual Respect - Treat all partners, clients, and stakeholders with equal respect
  • Teamwork - Combining our strengths and prowess to achieve superior results
  • Client Satisfaction - Exceed their expectations

A-D Engineering Group Ltd. is a competitive and highly experienced structural-consulting firm with an unequalled reputation for expertise in our field. We are the source for engineering Toronto trusts.

As a result of our reputation for excellence, A-D Engineering Group has been called upon to provide expert opinion and consulting for investigations into faulty building design, construction errors and structural deterioration for several legal claims. Some of our many services include structural analysis and design, preparation of structural CAD drawings, site investigations and reviews.



A-D Engineering Group Ltd. was founded in April 1986 by Mr. David Lehman, M.A. Sc, P.Eng., (Consulting Engineer), President. With over 30 years of structural engineering experience, Mr. Lehman has tailored and focused A-D Engineering Group Ltd. into a competitive consulting engineering firm which specializes in structural design, ACAD presentations – including structural and architectural drawings – construction operations and contract administration.

A-D Engineering Group Ltd. recently celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2016. Our team continues to grow and take on challenges in the world of structural engineering.  We are a diverse group, well-versed in many aspects of structural engineering and construction, as illustrated by the wide variety of projects the company’s been involved in over the years.