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We provide assessment reports and expert testimony for buildings damaged by:

• Fire
• Water
• Blasting
• Excessive overburden
• Construction flaws
• Errors in construction procedures
• Structural design errors
• Vibration/impact by construction vehicles
• Frost heave & adfreeze
• Soil settlement
• Excessive wind, snow & live loads
• Improper temporary shoring
• Thermal effects
• Contact between incompatible materials
• Erosion, ice damage
• Decay, pests
• Chemical attack
• Vibration & fatigue
• Vandalism & abuse

We provide complete services for pre-construction surveys, seismic monitoring and post-construction surveys. Our assessments have been applied to:

• Residential buildings
• Industrial/Commercial buildings
• Institutional buildings
• Historic buildings
• Recreational buildings
• Towers
• Retaining walls
• Culverts, small bridges
• Parking garages
• Tanks
• Temporary works


A-D Engineering Group Ltd. possesses expert knowledge and experience in many fields of structural analysis, design and construction. As a result, A-D Engineering is frequently called upon to investigate and provide opinions on failures or behavioural problems which have occurred due to design or construction errors and deterioration of existing structures. Some examples include alleged damage caused by vibrations of nearby road or other construction work and disputes regarding the quality of work by contractors.

A-D Engineering will provide full detailed reports that summarize our investigation, observations, and opinions regarding these matters. In addition, members of the firm will often make appearances as an expert witness for arbitrations or litigations. A-D Engineering will also provide recommendations and outline procedures for remedial work.